3 Signs It’s Time to Fire Your Digital Agency

We’re not trying to rock the boat, and we’re not trying to execute some daring plan to have masses of clients up and leave their agencies for ours (although that would be OK, too). What we do want to do is bring your attention to a few simple facts that not many clients realise.


It’s 2017 and marketing today isn’t as impossibly mysterious as the industry once liked to pretend, and it is both easy and necessary to find out if your agency is delivering value for money. And while there are many red flags to look out for if you suspect you’ve ended up in a rather one-sided relationship with your digital agency, our experience has taught us that the four warning signs below are some of the most serious, and usually indicate a lack of interest that invariably translates into a lack of results.


  1. They Don’t Provide Maintenance

In this game, there are no shortcuts. Digital products such as websites and apps take a considerable amount of time and effort to keep running smoothly, and truly effective marketing campaigns need just as much love and care to build momentum and bear fruit over the long term. Some agencies offer no maintenance services at all after the conclusion of a project, and far too many seem committed to doing the bare minimum. A good digital agency understands your business goals, and that achieving them requires their involvement for the long haul.


  1. They Try to Placate You with Feel-Good Metrics

With the knowledge that data and analytics are making results easier for clients to judge, many agencies fall back on stroking egos with so-called “vanity metrics” rather than displaying a tangible translation of marketing efforts to ROI. These feel-good numbers (like impressions, web traffic, Likes or Followers) do provide valuable insight, but they don’t necessarily pay the bills at the end of the day.


Instead, any agency worth their salt will focus on conversion metrics. New customer purchases, good leads, submission of online forms and direct calls originating from your ads are what makes marketing worth it, and any agency that glances over these metrics in their reporting is almost certain to have nothing good to show you when you do ask about them.


  1. Your Strategy Hasn’t Changed in More Than a Year

Digital moves fast. A year in digital is plenty of time for everything and anything to change in dramatic ways, including shifting consumer behaviours and limitless new marketing options. If you’re getting a “more of the same” feeling from the strategies you’re being offered, it should be taken as a sign of a lack of innovative thinking on the part of your agency. You need a partner with data-driven capabilities and the agility to change direction quickly when a new opportunity presents itself. If they’re not analysing past results to improve tomorrow’s performance, you can bet they won’t be able to.


As an independent, results-driven and fully integrated digital agency, Clockwork Media has built its reputation on doing things differently. Get in touch to find out how we’ve helped our clients achieve their goals, and how we can do the same for you.

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