4 ways to create an awesome company culture

At Clockwork Media, we work hard and play hard. While there are days when the stress levels skyrocket to astronomical levels, it’s our company culture that keeps us sane. No matter how intense the pressure, we always know the Clockwork familia (said in The Godfather voice) will be there to lend a hand.

Here are four tips that we believe create an awesome company culture:

1. Get a moose

Okay, not a real moose; this is purely a metaphor for finding something unique that brings people together. We have a plush moose in the office called Anonymoose, which has become the unofficial Clockwork mascot. Like any sort of mascot, it cultivates our team spirit (and silly moose jokes, too). Find a muse that inspires.

2. Make it about the people

Without people, there is no company – well, not until Skynet gets off the ground. Seriously, though, people have feelings, interests and dreams. When treated as if they’re dispensable and just another employee, it begins to manifest into negativity. So, in short, don’t ever do that. To quote Bill & Ted: “Be excellent to each other.”

3. Be transparent

Suspense stories are awesome. We would all love to be the next Jessica Fletcher, and uncover the latest mystery – but not in a company context. People stress when they don’t know what’s going on. If there is visibility and open lines of communication, no one has to be stuck under the shroud of confusion.

4. Take work seriously

We know there’s a time for play and work. It’s important to entrench this concept in everyone. When we need to get down and do the nitty-gritty, we do it. And when it’s time to play… oh boy, do we play.


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