The Benefits of a Truly Integrated Advertising Agency

Hiring and working with an advertising agency is probably what most people would consider the epitome of the “spend money to make money” mentality. However, many organisations may not have the budgets (or the administrative fortitude) to work with multiple “specialist” (read: single-function) advertising agencies, in order to pull together a cohesive public presence that results in tangible returns.


A PR agency here, a social media freelancer there, occasional contracts with a video or radio production house – it all adds up, especially in today’s marketing landscape, where “omnichannel” is rapidly becoming the industry’s favourite buzzword.


In reaction to shrinking budgets and outdated business models, we’ve recently seen (and at Clockwork Media, helped to lead the way toward), the rise of the integrated agency. A one-stop shop that streamlines processes, breathes new life into budgets, and creates a more effective and holistic strategy than was previously possible…if they do it right, that is.


  1. A Holistic Approach

An effective synergy in a marketing campaign that transcends various old and new media is no mean feat at the best of times – just imagine how much more difficult it becomes when multiple specialist agencies are all working on a project together. An integrated agency that can offer an all-encompassing, single-vendor solution will be far better able to achieve consistency of voice and create holistic campaigns that consumers remember.


  1. Better Budget Control

Hiring more agencies means getting more bills at the end of the month, not to mention a potentially expensive lack of transparency and understanding of how your marketing budgets are being spent – and by whom. Working with a single agency allows you to easily evaluate spend versus return on investment for every aspect of your campaign, and shift budgets quickly to improve your results.


  1. Agility and Speed

An integrated advertising agency is inherently more nimble because all functions are housed under one roof. By virtue of their business model, such agencies’ turnaround times tend to be shorter, and changes of direction in your strategy can be accommodated easily across all agency functions simultaneously.


  1. Innovation and Collaboration

An integrated agency is a melting-pot of ideas in a way that specialist agencies can only dream of. With designers and copywriters, strategists, media relations experts, coders and many other roles all rubbing shoulders every day, opportunities for exciting new collaborations and creative cross-pollination are plentiful. Such diversity of viewpoints and skills can only be to the client’s advantage.


Integration is more than a buzzword, and if your business is still only marketing on one or two different channels, you’re falling behind. Especially when it comes to marketing for Millennials and the new generations of digital natives that will follow, an integrated approach is the only real way to reach your audiences and turn them into lifelong customers.


Get in touch to find out how Clockwork Media – specialists in the creation and implementation of integrated strategies for some of South Africa’s most respected brands – can help you get there.

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