Technology Sector Dominates PR Spend in 2013

2013 was an interesting year for the public relations industry. Two of the world's four largest multinational PR and advertising companies - Omnicom and Publicis - merged to become Publicis Omnicom Groupe, and a bit closer to home, another of the big-hitters -...

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The Business of Business in Africa

We, as South Africans anchored to the base of the mother continent, often regard ourselves as experts on all matters concerning our neighbouring states.After all, we are one of the most developed economies in the region, boasting a long history of infrastructural and cultural development...

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Big Game – Killer Content

Over the years we at Clockwork Media have been part of a variety of really cool projects that have made us proud by association. From tricking a couple of hundred-thousand Johannesburg residents into carefully combing the stars for UFOs, to being involved with the launch...

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New Facebook Insights – A Closer Look

You don't have to work in social media to have noticed that core to Facebook's development strategy is a commitment to continually tweak and change different parts of the website. This philosophy has over the years led to millions of disgruntled users venting their annoyance...

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Fake Twitter followers – a closer look

Everyone who works in digital communications, and knows what they are talking about, will understand that building a legitimate social media following is challenging, and takes time, resources, and knowhow. Whether it be for a musician, NGO, or a brand, there is no getting around...

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