Facebook Introduces Hashtags

It’s finally happened! Facebook has acquiesced by applying Twitter style hashtags to its internal architecture. This will mean big things for users and community managers alike as tagging and search functionality is significantly enhanced, allowing the social network’s one billion members to tune into topics...

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Going Viral

‘Make it go viral’. If I had a shiny R5 coin with Madiba’s face on it for every time this phrase has been casually deployed in a marketing brainstorming session, I would be basking in the sun on an isolated beach somewhere in the Mediterranean,...

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So, the Google I/O conference 2013…

Last week the sixth annual Google I/O (input/output) conference took place in San Francisco. Google I/O is a developer-focused conference that features super in-depth discussions around the various projects that the company's developers are working on....

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Edge Rank Explained

Edge Rank, for those who've never heard of it, is Facebook's semi-secret algorithm that determines what content is shown to users. The first common misconception that needs to be alleviated, is that everything on Facebook is treated equally, and that your timeline is a conveyer...

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Social Media for B2B

The golden rule when promoting a product or service is to get in front of the consumer’s eyeballs in a manner that is thought-provoking and innovative. This is Marketing 101: have product, advertise product, sell product....

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Yup, It finally happened. Quirky, infamous Groupon founder and (former) CEO, Andrew Mason, was asked to step down by the company’s board after the company experienced a significant dip in stock prices since it listed less than two years ago. ...

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