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When should you hire a digital agency (and why)?

Believe it or not, the Internet is more than just a resource for cute cat pictures, selfie ensembles, and funny fail videos. As it turns out, it’s quite a useful tool for advertising. But you already knew that, right? Think about it though. It’s impossible to...

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Collaborating with a Marketing Agency in a Digital Age

In today’s spam-riddled digital age, it’s easy for industry old-timers to bemoan the state of the advertising or marketing agency as it stands today. Some long for a return to advertising’s golden age – the age of big hair, tweed suits, mid-day whiskies-on-the-rocks, and stylish...

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The Benefits of a Truly Integrated Advertising Agency

Hiring and working with an advertising agency is probably what most people would consider the epitome of the “spend money to make money” mentality. However, many organisations may not have the budgets (or the administrative fortitude) to work with multiple “specialist” (read: single-function) advertising agencies,...

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3 Signs it Might be Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

Business owners, especially those who have fought for and nurtured their organisations right from the beginning, are often hesitant to hand over something as important as their public image to a marketing agency. Naturally, nobody knows your business better than you do, but there does...

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LinkedIn, the phoenix of social media

How often do you visit LinkedIn? Better yet, when last did you update your profile? Why? Because this platform is about to rise from the ashes to become the preferred social media channel for many brands. Gone are the days of LinkedIn: the recruitment tool. It’s time...

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Does Your Target Audience Even Exist?

Remember when you were a kid and you had different ways of talking to friends and parents? Ever make the mistake of talking to dear old mom or dad like a mate? “Linda, listen…"You probably didn’t turn into a viral sensation, and it’s more likely...

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