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How to become a Marketing Jedi

Unless you’ve been living on a distant desert planet for a number of years, you would’ve in some way or another come across the phenomenon that is Star Wars. But the epic franchise wasn’t always the guaranteed money-maker we know and love. How did a little movie...

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Five Marketing Lessons from How I Met Your Mother

Some say it was the best series since Friends, while others were annoyed by Ted’s continual whining and lack of game. Any way you look at it, How I Met Your Mother not only provided us with some sweet life lessons, but also a few marketing tips worth...

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April Fools’ pranks that worked

There’s no getting away from it, April Fools’ Day has become a marketing extravaganza, as each brand does their best to take advantage of the one day where upsetting customers is okay. And they use that license to get creative, some more than others, and...

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5 Marketing Tips We Can Learn from Dr Seuss

We know Dr Seuss as the renowned American writer and illustrator who introduced children and adults alike to characters like Sam-I-Am, The Cat in the Hat, and The Grinch. Using unconventional rhymes, he was able to spread his message of environmentalism, anti-conformity, and strange-coloured breakfast...

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