Community Management 101

If you follow us, then you will know that we are currently in a very exciting growth phase which for the first time has pushed us into the position where we are looking for a full time employee. One of the primary responsibilities of said employee will be basic community management. This got me thinking: what exactly does it take to make a good community manager? Well, for starters…


Excellent written communication skills

It doesn’t get much worse for a brand on social media than sending out a post or a tweet with a copy error. Therefore, flawless attention to detail and a very solid understanding of the English language are core skills required by any would-be community manager. This extends to basic communication skills. Essentially, you need to understand social dynamics, and you need to know how to take on the voice of the brand you are representing, and do so in a friendly and engaging way.

Social intelligence and good judgement

A good community manager understands basic conversation, and must be able to exercise solid judgement when dealing with a wide variety of different kinds of social interactions. Engaging with the audience is important, and knowing how to respond to get the best possible resolution out of every conversation that happens on your brand page is key to being a good community manager.


In many ways, a community manager’s job is never done. Your brand’s page is up 24/7, and people can post whatever they want, whenever they want. You will be expected to remain connected to every conversation that happens on your page. This will sometimes mean responding to a comment at 7AM on a Sunday morning, or dealing with an angry follower in your own personal time.


A good community manager must be mature, and cannot afford to get personally invested in anything that happens on a brand page. No matter how unreasonable or ridiculous someone’s posts on your page are, it is your job to keep a level head and respond professionally.

These are just the basics. In reality, being a community manager is a highly complex task that involves a combination of the above, and much more.

 Nic Simmonds – Director

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