Confessions of a community manager: Month 2

Community Manager - Clockwork Media
So, I have just completed my first two months at my very first job as a Community Manager at Clockwork Media.

I had a few friends working as Community Managers who had explained to me what the job would be like but I don’t think I knew exactly what I was in for.


When I started work at Clockwork Media I was given an in-depth breakdown of what the job entailed. I am responsible for engaging current and prospective customers via social media channels and building a strong community around specific brands. I learnt quickly that this is not a glorified social media job; there’s a whole lot more too it.

I spend the most part of my day on Facebook and Twitter, but that is not where it ends. I have learnt so much in this short span of time and gained a great deal of knowledge, which I am thrilled about. There is a huge gap between varsity and studies to “the real” world; but the management team have really helped me ease into it slowly and offered me a lot of advice and their expertise along the way.

Being a Community Manager is all about creating meaningful communication centered around relevant brand topics.. I have learnt that there is a lot of strategy that goes behind a ‘little’ status update.

I’ve found it fascinating to get an understanding of what really goes on behind the scenes of how a brand communicates via social media. I honestly never understood how much time and effort goes into managing a community. I have done a lot of experimenting and made a few mistakes, but I am definitely getting the hang of it. I’ve also learnt that this form of communication is all about finding the brand’s voice and articulating that through every output created and query answered.

I understand that I cannot take things personally when it comes to conflicts and fallouts on brand pages. I am not only a content creator, but also a problem solver. Social media is often the first contact point people have with a brand before deciding to purchase the product or service provided; and I am happy to be the person to help them with any queries they might have.

I must admit that I have become very passionate about my communities. They are a huge responsibility and in a way I feel as though they are my children. I even go to bed dreaming about the brands and thinking up ideas that would be suitable to interact with and build the communities further. A Community Manager’s job is not Monday to Friday, and I am completely okay with that. Knowing that a brand’s pages keep growing thanks to my efforts is what keeps me motivated to keep learning and experimenting even more.

I am extremely eager and excited to see what the next few months of Community Management have in store for me, and I know that with the Clockwork Media team it will be a really fun journey.

Cayla Beder – Community Manager, Clockwork Media

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