Why content strategy is important to business

Watch any military event, and you’ll see the importance of discipline and strategy. Play video games, and you’ll get your keyboard handed to you by Command & Conquer strategy masters. Join a company, and you’ll be part of a big business plan with key strategic drivers.

So, why is content strategy not considered a crucial element of many businesses? It’s still strategy, isn’t it?

Although content is better understood than ever before, businesses don’t always have a clear idea of how it will help them to hit tangible targets. What needs to be understood is that content will always be a reflection of your business – if it’s unclear and disjointed, customers (and potential customers) will presume the same of your organisation.

Therefore, all good content strategies need to contain the following:


The first part of any strategy should be analysis. What are your competitors doing? What sort of content does your audience want to read or watch? What platforms are successful for your industry? What works? What doesn’t? These are some of the key questions that need to be addressed before a content strategy is implemented.

Define the purpose of the content

This ties in with analysis. After researching and discovering what works, there needs to be a clear direction of the purpose of the content. Do you want to produce thought leadership pieces or just standard press releases, for example?

Be reflective of the brand and its values

If you’re a cool and modern brand, why would you put together jargon-filled content pieces? Your content needs to align with the business’ values and be reflective of the brand. The content needs to be given a voice that speaks on behalf of the company.

Engage with the audience

There is a time and place for marketing and promotion, but if it’s all you do, what value do you think your content is adding to the audience? Content should always be informative, entertaining, educative and engaging.

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