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Last week Facebook announced a series of impending changes to News Feed which will have significant implications for any business that uses the platform as a marketing tool.

The way visual content is displayed to users is being adjusted. This will see Facebook introduce several new features which are sure to affect the way users interface with brands on the platform.

The changes have been attributed to a steep increase in the amount of image related content being posted to Time Line in the past two years.

In response, the News Feed is being made wider to accommodate larger images, and Facebook’s side bar is being made slimmer. This is great news for brands, which will be given more power to leverage powerful visuals.

Facebook News Feed - Clockwork Media


Another great change for brands is the new ‘Liked Page’ format. In future, when a person ‘Likes’ a page, their friends will see a much larger and more detailed box.

image 2The ‘Liked Page’ box will now include the page’s profile picture and cover photo. As a result, it is likely that we will be able to expect higher user engagement overall.

Curated Stories

One of the more interesting changes being made to Timeline is the addition of Curated Stories. Facebook will monitor content and news stories that have been shared and liked the most, and create a box which highlights these.

Facebook Curated StoriesFollowing Feed

Following Feed is a new option controlling which content consumers will receive from the pages they follow.

Users will now be able to select an option which allows them to receive all status updates from the pages they follow in chronological order. This will completely bypass Facebook’s EdgeRank system, which recently reduced the reach of brand pages to about 16% of their total followership.

This is potentially great news for marketers although it remains to be seen how many people will actually opt in.

image 4

Mobile Consistency

Another welcome change that Facebook is making is improved consistency between tablet, mobile and web. The News Feed will appear almost exactly the same across all platforms.

When can we expect it?

Some of the new functionality has already been implemented in a limited capacity, so we can expect a staggered roll out over the next few weeks. In the meantime, you can check out the new News Feed at Facebook.

– Nic Simmonds, Clockwork Media COO.

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