Facebook Limits Page Reach

The results are in and it has become undeniably apparent that Facebook made a significant change to its EdgeRank algorithm in September which has seen brand page reach diminish significantly in recent months.


Although some have suggested that this is related to Facebook’s intention to generate more revenue by forcing brands to pay for ‘Promoted Posts’, we believe that it to be an aggressive move to control what lands on your timeline in the face of growing numbers of pages.

After all, with millions of brand domains scattered across the social network, long-time Facebook users are bound to be bogged down by output stemming from the organisations they follow.

Furthermore, Edge Rank Checker recently indicated that Photos – widely recognised as the most viral organic media type on Facebook – have lost traction in terms of reach between September and November. Significantly, the same research showed that the Status Update is gathering traction once again.

Nonetheless, Photos remain the favoured medium of communication on Facebook, clocking in at over double the median engagement rate when compared to Status Updates, Video and Links.

So what does this mean for brands? What should be focused on in order to take advantage of Facebook’s changing landscape?

Post Great Content

Now more than ever, it’s important for brands to create content which engages their community on a personal level.

Marketing speak and irrelevant information which does not encourage conversation has become even less effective than before.

Brands which struggle with this should consider hiring a digital agency or specialist to assist them in crafting compelling content.

Avoid Posting Too Often

In the face of Facebook’s recent tweaks to EdgeRank, brands should beware of posting too often.

Spamming users will ultimately result in a ‘downgrade’ of your overall reach.
The best strategy to follow is to post fewer updates which achieve higher engagement rates.

Pay Attention to Analytics

At Clockwork Media, the insight gleaned from analytics informs everything we do when it comes to community management.

For example, pay attention to which mediums at what time of the day were most effective. If you find that product photos posted between 9-10am on a Wednesday morning were more effective than links, continue to pursue that strategy going forward.


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