The Four Rs of Social Media

With so many social media platforms popping up, it can become daunting to keep track of the required etiquette for each platform. To make your life easier, we have simplified it for you below. Here are the four Rs of social media:


If your content is interesting, recent and newsworthy, you will notice a positive spike in interactions and following. The best social media practitioners post content that people want to read – not just promotional copy. Keep it relevant, recent and engaging.


The fact is, no one wants to speak to a robot. If your clients ask questions, reply to them. Social media is a platform of communication – and we know that all good communication isn’t one-sided.


If you’re just using social media to punt your brand/business and have no interest in the interaction process, people will see right through you. From personality to engagement, there needs to be an authenticity to what you post.

Return on investment (ROI)

At the end of the day, some platforms just work better for certain brands or businesses than others. If you’re new to social media, it’s a process that can take some time (and frustration), but you will need to figure out which platforms suit your needs and show a return on investment.

If you need assistance with your social media, call us now.

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