Is Your PR Agency Going Beyond the Press Release?

It’s a little-known fact that most journalists and media organisations have a “black hole” folder for all the press releases they will never even so much as open, forget read.


Why? Because not all agencies are created equal, and many have forgotten that PR stands for “public relations”, not “press releases”. The ones who haven’t are those who continually aim to integrate techniques like these into their strategies.


Morris 1.Larger than life presentation
An enticing headline won’t guarantee your message will meet its mark, but this is where the press-drop comes in.


Here’s a scenario: someone shows up at your office with the Hollywood hot commodity Morris Chestnut on their arm – or more accurately, a life-sized cut-out of him. What’s more, they say you can keep him! This is exactly what we did for the Universal Channel’s South African launch of Rosewood, starring Morris Chestnut.


We can’t say for sure what happened to the hunky cut-outs, but what we can guarantee is that the press release that went with him got significantly more reads than it would have if it had been delivered solely via email.


2. Showing instead of telling
When LG brought us on board to help promote their new OLED 4K TV, we could’ve easily thrown a few press releases together about how this TV provides true-to-life imaging with the deepest black and most pristine colours on the market.


But what does that look like? We decided to show our audience with an exciting event that would allow them to compare its rendition of the night sky against the real thing.


3. Skipping the journo’s inbox completely
Journalists and industry authorities are imperative in helping you reach your potential consumers… except for cases when you know exactly where your consumers will be and what they’ll be searching for.


Newsjacking can be a double-edged sword. Everyone jumps on the bandwagon – or shall we say sled – come Christmas time. Suddenly, it’s so easy to get lost in the mire, especially since consumers searching this term are looking for specific things… often different things. However, all Black Friday shoppers have one thing in common; they’re all a target for cyber criminals.


This is how we helped Mimecast reach the eyes and ears of over 2 million consumers, through a strategic newsjacking of the Black Friday movement. No journalists needed.


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