3 Signs it Might be Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

Business owners, especially those who have fought for and nurtured their organisations right from the beginning, are often hesitant to hand over something as important as their public image to a marketing agency. Naturally, nobody knows your business better than you do, but there does come a time in every organisation’s life when it’s important to hand over the reins and let the experts push your growth to the next level.


As a fully integrated marketing agency, Clockwork Media is approached by diverse clients from every sector imaginable, from finance and tech to hospitality and FMCG brands. Many have no experience working with an external marketing agency, and all have unique problems they’re hoping to solve. These, however, are the issues we see time and time again – no matter the business – and the ones we are most often tasked with solving.


  1. Sales Figures have Stagnated

Nowhere is the old adage “you have to spend money to make money” truer than in the marketing game. When cash-flows are running dry, it can be tempting to cut costs wherever possible, and the sad truth is that marketing budgets are usually the first to be slashed – but this is a mistake.


If you’re confident that there is a market for your service (and why wouldn’t you? That’s why you went into business in the first place, right?), but sales remain slow, you can bet your bottom dollar that ineffective marketing is the cause. A marketing agency can bring an objective viewpoint to help identify your blind-spots when it comes to reaching your consumers, and help create a steady stream of leads to keep your business growing even (or perhaps, especially) when times are tough.


  1. When You Do Get Leads, You’re Not Sure Why

If you see an unexpected boost in sales, your first priority should be figuring out why. But without the experience, tools and know-how that a digitally-driven marketing agency can provide, your sudden popularity will do nothing to provide insights that can make every successive campaign just as successful, if not more so.


Did your new customers come from that Facebook campaign you ran a few weeks back? Maybe it was that mailer or newsletter you sent out? Or is your website suddenly ranking better on search engines than the competitors you thought you’d never out-rank? A marketing agency can analyse your results far better than you can, and find ways to replicate and improve on them.


  1. You Don’t Have the Stomach to take on an In-House Team

Maybe you’re an architect or an accountant. Maybe your business creates software. Maybe you’re an NGO. Whatever field of business you’re in, it’s a safe bet that you (and those working for you) didn’t get into it because you have a passion for marketing.


Make no mistake, marketing, especially in the digital age, is a full time gig that changes faster than just about any other industry. Your team might have some useful marketing-related skills, but the tools that top marketing agencies use to develop actionable insights are changing all the time and require ever more specialised skill-sets. A good agency will operate in a way that is unobtrusive yet in-depth, becoming an extension of your team and adding an instant pool of expertise to your arsenal. It is their job to get to know your business, not the other way around.


If you think you might be ready to take the plunge and hire a marketing agency to help take your business to new heights, visit our website to learn more about the work we’ve done in the past, and get in touch to set up a consultation. Our team will be more than happy to discuss your goals with you, and create the perfect strategy to help achieve them.


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