How Do I Look? South Africa

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Following the highly successful launch of its very first reality show, The Search, E! Africa decided to reboot an old fan favourite but with a distinctly African feel. How Do I Look? South Africa debuted to great fanfare from both the media and viewers, thanks in large part to a successful launch campaign, encompassing an integrated public relations and social media strategy, along with a special first episode reveal party. More importantly, it included an opportunity for E! fans, media, and the general public to give back to a worthy cause, Dress for Success.

Faced with fierce competition from domestic and international competitors, E! has sought to consolidate its market positioning by launching new local programming. How Do I Look? South Africa – a regional version of the internationally renowned E! Entertainment show – is one such example.

In September, NBCUniversal briefed us on the launch of this flagship property. The challenge was simple: drive tune-in and participation from an increasingly fickle audience at the busiest time of the year.



Having worked with E! Africa before, the communication objective was clear. We needed to highlight aspects of the show that would resonate with African viewers, while still maintaining that air of exclusivity and showbiz panache with which the E! brand is synonymous.

The job to be done was twofold. First, we needed to find our local equivalents of international host, Jeannie Mai – style icons with the right mix of charm and empathy. Second, we needed to get the viewers to see themselves in the current crop of participants.

After we understood the popularity of the show and what kind of content we needed to push, we spent significant time engaging with local media to find out their thoughts on the international version, what they expected from its local counterpart, and the type of information they would look to share.

We still felt that although we would be connecting with the audience, there was something more to be done. What better way to tie into the feel-good aspect of the show than by partnering with local non-profit organisation Dress for Success?

The Results

What Happened

The debut of How Do I Look? South Africa was E! Entertainment’s best received local debut to date, and viewership has held strong throughout the season – another critical indicator of public interest.

In the first week, we consistently trended on Twitter, generated over R2 million in PR coverage and saw massive engagement spikes on social comparable only to international releases. One of our Facebook videos generated 279 000 views in just 48 hours – driven primarily by organic interaction.

One of our Facebook videos generated 279 000 views
in just 48 hours – driven primarily by organic interaction
– mission accomplished.

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