Investec Tusk Awards Africa Relaunch

The Client

What The Brand Needed

Africa has long been a globally recognised destination for wildlife lovers from around the world, but also one of the most severely affected by poaching and wildlife trafficking. In this context, it’s no surprise that the continent is also a respected leader in wildlife and nature conservation – breeding generations of the world’s finest conservationists and rangers. It is for these reasons that the Tusk Conservation Awards, and their headline sponsor, Investec, saw it fit to bring the awards back to its roots, despite the long-running event never having taken place in Africa before.

Clockwork media was tasked with driving awareness of this worthy organisation, and celebrating the home-grown Africans that are making a difference to the future prospects of our critically endangered species and the habitats that sustain them. The campaign was to culminate in a gala awards ceremony, held in Cape Town in October 2017.


Research We Did

With over 28 years of conservation behind them, Tusk was already a well-respected organisation among those in the know. Our research, however, pointed to a distinct lack of knowledge and engagement around Tusk in African audiences. A combination of social media and traditional PR was decided upon as the best vehicle for spreading the message to an increasingly conservation-aware African audience in a three-phase campaign. Patronised (and usually attended by) Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, both Investec and Clockwork Media were all-too-aware that, without the Prince’s attendance at the 2017 gala ceremony, we faced an even bigger uphill battle to match his celebrity-appeal and drum up interest in the awards.

In establishing our goals, we set our sights high, hoping to attract at least 500 unique viewers to the awards ceremony’s Facebook Live stream, to secure media coverage in at least five African nations (with an emphasis on the finalists’ countries of origin), and to secure media attendance at the ceremony itself.

Though ultimately a very worthy cause, the potential for negative audience feedback and controversy surrounding the delicate topic of conservation was anticipated in advance. Our PR team therefore created a resource of talking points for the Tusk finalists and spokespeople, to ensure focus remained on their incredible achievements over the years.

The Results

What Happened

When the dust had settled after a successful gala, the results of the campaign were tallied, and proven to have surpassed both our own expectations and those of Investec. With the combined clout of the pre-campaign engagement phase and the event coverage itself, the message of Tusk reached a wider African audience than ever before.

The event was watched on Facebook Live by over 4,000 people, eight times our goal viewership, even without Prince William’s star appeal. The campaign also generated coverage in not 5, but 7 African territories, with a total reach of 3.8 million people, and with positive sentiment estimated at 90%.

With a little help from Investec and Clockwork Media, Tusk is well on its way to lessening its overwhelmingly “westernised” public perception, and making its mark on the continent (and in the communities) in which it operates.

The event was watched on Facebook Live by
over 4,000 people, eight times our goal viewership,
even without Prince William’s star appeal.

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