Is Facebook losing this generation’s teens?

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A recently published joint study by the Pew Research Center and the Berkman Center for Internet & Society suggests that the world’s largest social media platform, Facebook, is losing favour with teenagers.


The notion that today’s adolescents are not as interested in Facebook as their counterparts  were 5 years ago is hardly new, but this is the most credible evidence we have seen which actually suggests that humans aged 11-19 are losing interesting in the big blue thumb.

The study surveyed 156 teenagers between the ages 11-19, and covered a wide range of issues surrounding social media access and use. According to the study, many teenagers expressed waning enthusiasm for Facebook, and some of the reasons they gave are actually pretty solid:

4 Reasons teenagers are losing interest in Facebook

1. Increasing number of adults on the site.
2. People share “inane details” about their lives.
3. Too much “drama” on the site.
4. The stress associated with managing an individual’s reputation on Facebook.

Despite all this, most teenagers conceded that they still felt like they had to remain active on Facebook in order to “not miss out.” In fact, this was the most commonly attributed reason for teenagers continuing to use Facebook. Users of other social networks gave far more positive and enthusiastic reasons for using them.

Interestingly, teenage Twitter and Instagram users said that they felt like they could express themselves better on these platforms, where they felt free from the social expectations and constraints of Facebook.

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