New Facebook Insights – A Closer Look

You don’t have to work in social media to have noticed that core to Facebook’s development strategy is a commitment to continually tweak and change different parts of the website. This philosophy has over the years led to millions of disgruntled users venting their annoyance on Facebook itself (Hello, irony), but it has also been an undeniable contributor to the company’s success.


One of the more interesting changes that Facebook has implemented recently, is an overhaul of its analytics system. The new Facebook Insights offers some great new features that anyone managing a page should check out. These are some of the most noteworthy changes we’ve picked up so far.

(It’s worth mentioning here that a lot of this “new” data has always been available via the Insights Export, so we’re really looking at changes made to the Insights interface.)

More detailed user usage data

One of the most valuable insights which Facebook has made available, is more detailed information regarding user activity, specifically trends pertaining to time-of-day activity. Facebook Insights now has graphs which represents very clearly how many of your fans are online at different times throughout the day and week.

Facebook insights - Clockwork Media
Detailed engagement rates for each post

When looking at the success of individual posts previously, we would look at “reach” to determine how well a particular post was received. It is now easier to see how many likes, comments, shares, and clicks a post receives thanks to a new set of tables.

Facebook post analytics - Clockwork Media

More detailed negative feedback

The new “likes” monitoring graph provides a striking visual representation of new total new likes, organic likes, paid likes, unlikes, and net likes. This makes it easy to identify periods when people un-follow your page, and you can even pinpoint the specific piece of content that was likely responsible.

Facebook net likes - Clockwork Media

As I mentioned, a lot of this data was already available in the form of a spreadsheet, but the range of graphics and tables now available in Facebook’s Insights front-end makes it all a lot more accessible. This means that partners are better equipped to shape and develop content in a more engaging, intelligent manner.

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