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Nespresso approached us to help them create awareness around their different ranges of coffee, and to assist in changing the perception around coffee as a whole. Influencers were brought on as a conduit for delivering the message of the brand, highlighting how Nespresso coffee fits into their everyday lives, while using their platforms to showcase the product and range.


The campaign consisted of a series social posts across Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as blog posts from a total of 9 influencers: Maps Maponyane, Nkululeko Magoba, the Tech Girl blog, the Pixel Vulture blog, Jo-Ann Strauss, Stacey Holland, Luthando Shosha, Sam Linsell and Baking Ginger blog.
The campaign officially kicked off on the 21st November 2016 and ran until the 23rd December 2016.
Each influencer was designated a certain number of social posts. This distribution of content on their social channels was based on their follower size on each platform, to ensure that the most OTS (opportunity to see) would be available.
Each influencer was given a Nespresso kit, to create content that would be distributed through their social channels. The creation of this content was monitored by the brand team and our influencer campaign managers to ensure that the content was distributed timeously.
Combined, the influencers were able to drive the idea behind the campaign and change the perception and lack of product knowledge around the Nespresso brand. This was done cleverly through assigning each influencer a different Nespresso flavour/range, showing how the brand enhances and enriches the influencers’ lives.

The Result

The original OTS goal for the campaign was set to 3 460 211 with 12 influencers. As of January 2017, the organic OTS for the campaign was 4,599,976 and this was achieved with only 9 influencers.
We also achieved 113,315 in social media engagement (across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) as well as hit a native reach of 105,489 for blog posts.
Over all the total OTS for the campaign came to 4,705,465, which was 136% more than originally anticipated.
The best performing social posts in terms of engagement were from blog posts shared on social.
In addition, a personalised video portion of each influencer was included as part of the campaign. Each influencer will be posting the video that was created to their social profiles.




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January 30, 2017

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