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google I/O 2013 - Clockwork Media

This week the sixth annual Google I/O (input/output) conference took place in San Francisco. Google I/O is a developer-focused conference that features super in-depth discussions around the various projects that the company’s developers are working on.

This is a basic break down of what went down…


While most of the conversations that take place at I/O are directed at developers and other technical professionals, the implications for everyone else are usually pretty meaningful.

This year, Google focused on 5 primary touch points: changes to Google+, Unified Chat Messaging, new Google Maps for mobile, and Google Play All Access.

41 changes being made to Google+

Google has made over 41 changes to Google+, with the most obvious one being a massive design overall.  The general consensus from conference attendees and gobal observers has been that Google’s redesign makes its social network resemble Pinterest, largely due to the use of cards as an organization tool.

Google+ now consists of two to three columns by default, although this depends on the size of your screen, and there remains the option to view a single column.


Other significant changes include:

– Related Hashtags will now be automatically added to a posts.

-“Auto Awesome”: sets of photos in your library can automatically be converted into GIF format.

– “Auto Backup”: Photos you take on your phone will be automatically backed up in real time.

–  “Auto Highlight”: Google+ will search through your photos and look for the best ones by tagging duplicates, blurry pics, and pics with poor exposure.

– “Auto Enhance”: A new filter that improves brightness, saturation, etc. on photos.

Unified Chat Messaging

Google has created a unified chat platform which works with Gmail, Google+, Anroid and iOS devices, and Google Chrome.

New Google Maps for mobile

Google has announced  a massive overhaul for Google Maps for mobile, with the primary objective being to make sure, “Every person gets their own map, every time.” This customization will be based on the locations each individual regularly visits. Furthermore, when you visit a new city, Google Maps will now recommend  new places based on the places you visit regularly in your home city.


Improved public transit is also promised, and users are now able to view photos of locations listed on Google Maps.

Google All Play Access

One of the more interesting things to come out of Google I/O is Google All Play Access, which is described as a service similar to Spotify in which users will pay a monthly subscription fee in return for unlimited music-streaming.

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