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The Benefits of a Truly Integrated Advertising Agency

Hiring and working with an advertising agency is probably what most people would consider the epitome of the “spend money to make money” mentality. However, many organisations may not have the budgets (or the administrative fortitude) to work with multiple “specialist” (read: single-function) advertising agencies,...

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3 Signs it Might be Time to Hire a Marketing Agency

Business owners, especially those who have fought for and nurtured their organisations right from the beginning, are often hesitant to hand over something as important as their public image to a marketing agency. Naturally, nobody knows your business better than you do, but there does...

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Big Game – Killer Content

Over the years we at Clockwork Media have been part of a variety of really cool projects that have made us proud by association. From tricking a couple of hundred-thousand Johannesburg residents into carefully combing the stars for UFOs, to being involved with the launch...

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The light side of the “dark side”

Journalists who opt to hang up their dictaphones and ring-bound notebooks and move to an agency would do well to prepare themselves for the barrage of “Oh, so you’ve moved to the dark side?” jokes with which their former colleagues and peers will berate them....

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Why content matters, and how it can drive business success

Great content is no longer simply important to brand success; it’s absolutely essential.Without it, no company can survive. In the race to improve bottom lines, earn conversions or encourage foot traffic, reliable and useful information can mean the difference between success and failure. It’s what...

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Facebook Introduces Hashtags

It’s finally happened! Facebook has acquiesced by applying Twitter style hashtags to its internal architecture. This will mean big things for users and community managers alike as tagging and search functionality is significantly enhanced, allowing the social network’s one billion members to tune into topics...

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