What it takes to win the Communications World Cup

World Cup fever has swept the world, and even the Clockwork Media team has been caught up in excitement of the beautiful game (check out our Twitter and Facebook feeds for pictures of our World Cup office exploits).

Naturally, we began discussing how a communications team is similar to a football side, and what roles we’d play in the “Communications World Cup”.

Here’s how our team would line up below.

Goalkeeper (office administrator)

This is the person who sees it all in front of them. While the others might get the glory and praise, the goalkeeper is the one who can lead from the back and provide the right distribution to those around him/her.

Defenders (project management and operations)

Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho, believes that in order to have the best possible football team, you need to have a solid backline before anything else. A solid defence will marshal the team and prevent the opposition from scoring. Even when times are tough and the team is under fire, the defence needs to remain firm and impenetrable to keep the team in the game.

Midfielders (account managers and public relations)

There’s an old football adage that says games are won in the midfield, and this is also applicable to communications agencies. Your account managers and public relations experts are right in the middle of the battle, keeping the game flowing, supporting defenders and attackers and fighting for possession and supremacy. The midfield is the transition between defence and attack – and if your midfield is weak, the ball won’t even reach the forward line to execute.

Forwards (content and creative)

If your forwards aren’t firing on all cylinders, you’re not going to win matches. You need them to be sharp, alert and ready to deliver – whether it’s in the first minute of the game, or in the now-legendary Fergie overtime. Also, they seem to be the most petulant of the lot.

…and Management

You might have the greatest individual players in the world, but without the right tactics and leadership, they’re merely show ponies. In communications, it works the same way: the proper guidance will lead to success and trophies.

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