To Vine or not to Vine?

Anyone who has spent a respectable amount of time on the internet will agree: GIFs are fun. Be it cats attacking horses or dancing nerds, these 3 second long snippets into remarkably funny events are a great way to waste a few hours online.

For those who are not familiar with the term, a GIF is a popular format for image files, with built-in data compression, which allows users to include brief animation or movement.

Last week, Twitter revealed its intention to dominate the attention of mobile users the world over by introducing a new application which allows users to create, upload and share short video clips via their handsets.

In a nutshell, Vine (as they call it), enables users to shoot and edit their own GIF-like clips. Although the file format isn’t actually used, the concept is similar in nature.


Although Vine isn’t the web’s first short video sharing platform, the support of its big brother – Twitter, has afforded the application massive traction. Heck, we’ve even tried it out, and it’s a lot of fun.

The big question is, with Vine being peddled as the next major social platform – is there a business case for brands to start thinking about setting up an official presence?

Earlier this week, SocialFresh posted this article on which brands have already started using Vine to reach consumers. Although the majority included news agencies like NBC, CNN and KFOX, it offered a pleasing glimpse into the way Vine might be used to reach buyers in the future.

Our initial reaction suggests that Vine won’t be for everyone. Just as brands should carefully consider the value behind a Facebook or Twitter account, instead of simply having one for the sake of it, Vine will need to compliment the overall content strategy in order to justify its place in the world of digital marketing.

We’ll be keep a (very focused) eye on this one.

  • Heinrich

    I actually just had a look at Vine. It is pretty cool for myself and friends and doing fun/silly things, but I don’t think that I will be a regular user of this.

    As for using it with your brand, guess that kinda depends on what you as a company are doing, but there will be a way around it. Like the buzzfeed vine where they dance in the office; it brings a human aspect to buzzfeed and also let users see them as humans and not just computers feeding us other GIF’s to share.

    Cool post 🙂

    February 4, 2013 at 12:19 pm

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