Tom Manners on BizCommunity – Real time marketing: A South African story

Today our Managing Director, Tom Manners, has a recently penned piece investigating real time marketing on BizCommunity. Read an extract here.

Clockwork Media on BizCommunity

If this year’s NFL Superbowl had one winner, it would be a simple biscuit.

Just after Beyonce’s spirited halftime performance, an unexpected power outage at the Mercedez Benz Superdome in New Orleans delayed play by thirty four minutes. Enough time for Oreo’s digital agency, 360i, to conceptualise and execute what is now regarded as one of the most outstanding examples of real-time marketing yet. 
Just shy of six weeks later, ‘that’ tweet has been ReTweeted 16 000 times, earning the Kraft Foods mega-brand thousands of new followers and countless column inches across the globe. We’ve all heard about this sensation. We’ve followed closely as Oreo took a victory lap across the digital landscape. There’s no need to further debate the nature of its success. What is more interesting is how this Tweet came to be. 
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