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5 Things Your Advertising Agency Wants You to Know

5 Things Your Advertising Agency Wants You to Know

13 Dec, 2018

If there’s one truth in the world of advertising, it’s that there is no certainty. That’s a scary prospect, isn’t it? Clockwork Media is no stranger to this notion. With innovation happening at the rate it is, there’s no really telling what tomorrow holds in terms of communication technology and the trends that follow.

The problem is, those on the outside aren’t necessarily on the same page that we and other advertising agencies are. We live in a society that demands easy fixes and instant gratification, and most clients tend to be no different. Results are wanted, and fast.

For the record, we want the same thing too. Trust us when we say that nothing makes an agency happier than delivering solid, positive, and speedy results to the brands they work with. The reality however, is that getting there will always be a new challenge.

Pulling a campaign off without a hitch doesn’t have to be difficult though. As much uncertainty as there is in our world, we can confidently say on behalf of every advertising agency that delivering great work would be much easier if clients were mindful of the following five things.

  1. Advertising agencies want to give you a different perspective
    Ever looked at a piece of art and decided that it was bland, boring, and uninspiring? All it can take to flip that view around is have somebody point out some intricacies you may have missed. See how the picture is structured, and why the colour palette compliments the overall theme for example? Suddenly, you understand why Pablo Picasso was a genius.
    Ad agencies consider themselves that random bystander, dying to offer their clients that very insight. A source of fresh ideas believe it or not, can be something as simple as a different perspective.
  2. Advertising agencies know what they’re doing (at least 99.9% of the time)
    There’s nothing worse than having what’s believed to be an amazing idea for a campaign, only to have it thrown out of window without any real rhyme or reason. This occurs uncharacteristically often.
    We’ll never claim that ad agencies are all geniuses, but this industry is our bread and butter. With the right tools at our disposal, and the combined brainpower of a force of creatives, we’d like to think that we at least know what we’re doing (most of the time anyway).
    An agency can’t guarantee that every idea they generate will change the world, but most of them are willing to experiment and break new ground in pursuit of that grandeur on behalf of their clients. All they need to get there is trust.
  3. Advertising agencies aren’t mind readers
    A brief is a blueprint for success. Or at least, it can be, if it’s concise and maps out exactly what a client wants.
    Therein lies another uncertainty however. An ad agency can’t expect their employees to operate efficiently without the right intel. Let’s just say that transparency is a wonderful thing. The more information a client gives upfront, the better the work they can expect to receive.
  4. Advertising agencies think differently
    Ad agencies operate in an industry that moves at the speed of light at any given time. They’re forced to keep up with trends and technology, and as a result, they see everything through a somewhat different lens. They’re also required to think out of the box, basically 24/7. This means that pitches can sometimes come across as crazy.
    Trust us, there’s good intent behind those PowerPoint presentations. They’re just fuelled by unconventional thoughts, which is a good thing. The unthinkable can’t happen unless somebody first dances with the idea. Remember this: more often than not, success stems from the unordinary and leads to the extraordinary.
  5. Advertising agencies don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach
    Two companies with identical goods and services approach an ad agency to run a campaign. Should they receive indistinguishable advice?
    Absolutely not. After some research, it’s discovered that one company is a young and trendy brand that speaks exclusively to millennials. The other meanwhile, has been around for longer, and has an audience that loves premium products. Each is therefore going to need their own unique campaigns.
    It’s easy to point at another’s success and say “why can’t we do this too?” Ad agencies know that results can’t be duplicated. Each situation is different, and thus requires a different approach.

With that in mind, it’s worth noting that just as every client is unique, so is every advertising agency. At Clockwork Media, we know we’re definitely different, in all the right ways. If you’re contemplating running a new campaign, maybe it’s time you got in touch.