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PR Account Director

We are looking for a Public Relations Account Director (AD) that has the capability of handling a wide range of assignments, projects and/or clients with a high degree of success and independence. 

An AD should demonstrate a high-level of professional knowledge in communications, reporting and developing PR strategies, they should be able to manage and oversee 1 large account with multiple business units or a few smaller accounts with input and guidance from his/her, Group Account Director (GAD) or Business Unit Director (BUD). The AD must have full understanding of public relations with demonstrated experience achieving public relations objectives. The AD will oversee the client(s)/business unit(s) as the main point of strategic input and escalation. 

This person should be well groomed in project management, media relations, budgeting, mentoring/people management, and business development skillsets. With the ability to transfer this skill set to their team. There is an expectation of taking full responsibility for the portfolios they manage by providing excellent client service, offering diligence, and aiming to extend their portfolio and profitability of their accounts. 

It is the AD’s duty to build and mentor their teams Account Managers/Account Executives (AM/AE) working with them to better deliver all expectations on the account, of the client and of Clockwork.

Key Responsibilities: 

Administration & General PR Skills:

  • Build rapport with clients and develop strong client relationships,
  • Manage client expectations
  • Crisis management and resolution of escalations
  • Anticipates and assists in developing solutions to client needs and problems proactively before issues arise
  • Manage projects/programmes – including implementation plans, project plans, budgets, and deadlines
  • Assist with the strategy and drafting of communication programmes based on team input
  • Understands and can articulate and apply the agency vision, goals, practice areas, products and overall capabilities through their work ad transferring to their team
  • Develop, oversee, and take responsibility of the accuracy of project budgets and their monitoring
  • Keep their team/s and line manager in the know by appropriately informing them and those involved on the status of all projects/briefs
  • Be on top of business trends for industry segment/products and in particular the tech and consumer sectors.
  • Can draw on the talents of colleagues in own problem solving and planning
  • Oversees and directs media campaigns
  • Has established relationships with print and broadcast journalists
  • Has strong presentation skills and plays an increasingly active role in new business and client presentations
  • Routinely contributes to agency growth and performance as project, team, group and agency leader
  • Efficiently and effectively plans and manages events (e.g., press conferences, media tours, analyst meetings, advocate briefings, etc.)
  • Understands the creative process and how to work effectively with internal and external creative resources
  • Has established a circle of industry editorial, investment community, professional and/or third-party group contacts
  • Has experience in building effective, productive account teams using current resources as well as assisting in the hiring process of building their team
  • Effectively manages their employees regarding training, development and disciplinary
  • Delegates effectively
  • Assists peers in problem solving
  • Leads and participates actively in team, staff and client meetings


  • It is expected that the AD is to identify and escalate issues to the GAD or BUD
  • An AD needs to be able to articulate themselves and show etiquette when representing the agency, on the phone, over mail and in person
  • Respect and time management are very important at Clockwork. If one is not able to attend any meeting, both internal and external, it is expected that the employee would excuse themselves accordingly


  • Continually develops their editing skills so that they become capable of directing the written materials of others
  • Is interested in their clients works actively seeking opportunities to know more about their services and how Clockwork can contribute to their success
  • Continually seeks new ways to learn, improve and contribute towards the growth of their account and the business
  • Routinely seeks and shares information with colleagues while looking for new ways to develop their clients brand reputation
  • Understands and develops their knowledge on all Clockwork through the line offerings to further the development of the account 

Process & Finance: 

  • Project management tools needs to be fully comprehended
  • Completes timesheets daily and otherwise acts in accordance with company policies and procedures, and ensures that team does the same
  • The AD is required to fully understand the SLA of a given account working towards overseeing the optimal servicing of the account
  • Manage billable hours by keeping a recon of time spent to date for yourself and the team, to manage over & under servicing of the account
  • The AD is required to oversee and ensure that the account invoicing is processed through a monthly (retainer) or adhoc billing instruction
  • Oversee that all tasks are assigned timeously to traffic for internal allocation
  • Monthly Project plans need to be scheduled for account management
  • If a report is required from Ops, the AD understands how to undergo pulling and completing job recons, raising and invoicing invoices as per SLA lead times while critically appraising them for accuracy.
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