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Project Lead

We are looking for a Project Lead to manage the overall web projects and campaigns for a large gaming account based in the United Kingdom.

This person should have sufficient project management, budgeting, mentorship, and business development skillsets. There is an expectation of taking responsibility for the portfolios they manage by providing excellent client service, offering diligence and aiming for excellent work outputs that exceed expectations.

This position will be based in the United Kingdom working remotely with a team in South Africa.


Managerial Functions

  • Define project scope, set goals and deliverables that support the goal of the client and that of Clockwork.
  • Oversee the day-to-day activities of the project team and manage project personnel to ensure quality delivery.
  • Resolving team disputes (before escalating to the HR team)
  • Participating in the recruitment and selection process cycle
  • Approve, reject and track leave using ESS system

Strategy, Planning, and Development

  • Develop project plans and communication plans.
  • Anticipating campaign/project problems and provide solutions
  • Keep a project under budget and on schedule.
  • Define and implement project strategy and objectives.

Client Engagement

  • Have knowledge and understanding of clients business and foster a great relationship with the client.
  • Provide comprehensive feedback and analysis on the projects to client and internal key players.

Project Management

  • Direct and manage projects from beginning to end.
  • Delegate tasks to different team players within the project. 
  • Identify and assess risks within a project and have contingency plans in place.
  • Produce and compile Project Management Reports.
  • Ensure proper and optimal use of organisational resources.
  • Ensuring that there is sufficient financial, material and human resources required to successfully complete a project.
  • Evaluating the adequacy of internal controls and procedures related to project management.

Performance Management and Training

  • Conducting individual appraisals to measure performance against agreed objectivities, targets and standards.
  • Monitoring the adequacy of current training


  • Maintain good knowledge of project management principles.
  • Keeping the Project team up to date on project management technologies and systems.
  • Attending and conducting meetings
  • Ensure the team follows the appropriate policies and procedures to ensure compliance (SSPA). For example: client and confidential content security management, locking computer when going to the bathroom/not sharing sensitive information/ensure you only visit trusted sites etc.


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