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Collaborating with a Marketing Agency in a Digital Age

Collaborating with a Marketing Agency in a Digital Age

13 Dec, 2018

In today’s spam-riddled digital age, it’s easy for industry old-timers to bemoan the state of the advertising or marketing agency as it stands today. Some long for a return to advertising’s golden age – the age of big hair, tweed suits, mid-day whiskies-on-the-rocks, and stylish offices heavy with second-hand cigarette smoke.


But the very purpose of the marketing agency is, after all, to reach as many consumer eyeballs as possible, and ultimately to turn them into paying customers. And as much as the old-school hates to admit it, the fact is that the internet is, and probably always will be, the best way to do it.


Whether they specialise in print, outdoor media, public relations or any other marketing function, any brand or agency out there has plenty to gain from collaborating with a specialist digital agency. Not only does digital open up a whole new world of possibilities in terms of customer engagement through digital tools like social media and search engine advertising, it also gives a boost of power to the more traditional media and methods that made those monster-brands with decades-long histories what they are today. Even the likes of Coca-Cola and De Beers would very quickly find their monopoly-esque market share beginning to shrink unless they acted quickly to embrace digital transformation – and even traditional advertisers wouldn’t deny it.


Here are just three of the ways that digital and traditional advertising are getting bigger and better results than ever before through the clever integration of digital tools.


  1. Public Relations

The PR industry in general must be wondering how they got anything done at all before the digital revolution. Delivering relevant and valuable content to media outlets on tight deadlines is not easy, and even once you do score that perfect placement, what proof do you get that your message is reaching the right audience at all?


The digital age has enabled a new, more streamlined breed of thought leader, one who produces prolific amounts of content and fully integrates their strategy for disseminating it with precise metrics, data, and the tactics that best take advantage of them. Digital audiences now receive content in the precise format they want, at the ideal time, and through just the channels they prefer.


  1. The Rise of the Influencer

Internationally recognised celebrities endorsing your brand is wonderfully effective. With the right budget, you too can have George Clooney delivering a cheeky line over a cup of your espresso, or Rihanna rocking your latest range of sneakers.


The rise of digital influencer marketing, however, has made celebrity endorsement profitable and accessible for brands of all sizes and in all locations, connecting audiences to products through the people in their own communities (both digital and real-world) that they admire the most. In a nutshell, the internet isn’t all about rampant globalisation of content – it’s extremely effective in focussed localisation as well.


  1. Data-Driven Insights

Marketing agencies used to be able to get by on vague, almost esoteric measures of success for the simple reason that the cold-hard facts simply weren’t available to them. In collaboration with a digital agency, however, every effort is monitored, every consumer action is recorded, and any campaign that goes into implementation is measured for performance and tangible results. A digital marketing agency isn’t there to steal your budgets – it’s there to make sure they get maximum results through targeted, insights-driven strategy.


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