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The Anatomy of a Great PR Agency

The Anatomy of a Great PR Agency

13 Dec, 2018

Just like the human body, every part of a PR agency has certain functions that make it work better, and one wouldn’t necessarily work without the other. PR agencies also come in all shapes and sizes, and each one won’t provide the same offering. No doubt you get the comparison, so let’s look at the parts that make a PR agency a truly, great one.

THE BRAIN – Messaging development

The brain controls what our bodies do, just as key messaging controls an audience. Developing these messages is the first and perhaps most important step in PR. It prioritises efforts, ensures consistency, measures and tracks success and most importantly, is the best way to clearly define, and articulate your brand story.

THE MOUTH – Media relations

The mouth is used to spread client messages far and wide, but is also used for maintaining healthy relations with those who can make this happen. The media are the people responsible for getting your content into various media channels, so you’ll want to treat them well. Maintaining a good relationship with them also provides great insights into what content they’re likely to feature, and what story is likely to fall into their email abyss.

Equally important to spreading your message is ensuring that you are building an organic and paid social experience that speaks to the heart of any brand, their DNA, and their audience. Social media has changed the way we communicate and share information, and is the best way to interact and hear from customers who are actively online. PR agencies should ensure social media management services are part of their practice and offering.

THE EYES – Visual design

Despite how often its said, a picture really is worth a thousand words, and it’s the very reason audiences respond so well to messaging that’s visually appealing. Images, videos, or even infographics allow for brand information to be conveyed in a shorter space of time than text, and are therefore incredibly powerful when it comes engaging audiences.

Video is the fastest growing communication medium in the advertising space today, so it is essential to ensure your strategy includes the visual medium.

THE HEART – Content creation

Content is the heart of a PR agency dedicated to producing information that evokes the right emotion in the right audience, at the right time. It allows you to establish, share, and strengthen your brand through telling the right story and when audiences invest time in reading that content; the know, like and trust factor grows. 

THE HANDS – Crisis communication

Managing both your internal and external communications is a big component of any great PR or ad agency, and will sometimes require getting your hands a little dirty. How you respond to both positive and negative situations can either give a company a much-needed image boost, or can be outright detrimental to a brand. PR agencies, therefore, need to be ready to respond to any crisis quickly and efficiently using all the necessary platforms. 

Our forward-thinking PR team bridges the gap between traditional media and the digital world and are dedicated to moving a business forward using every means possible.

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