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dotsure.co.za Doggy Day with Guiness World Records

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What The Brand Needed

What do you do when your new client comes to you, asking for assistance in helping them promote their insurance package for pets? You help them break a Guinness World Record™, of course. That’s exactly what we did for dotsure.co.za. We proposed an event where the online insurance company would attempt to break the world record for the largest gathering of dogs wearing bandanas. A stunt like this was sure to gain the attention and brand exposure our client wanted. With the hashtag #1day800dogs, our dotsure. co.za Doggy Day was born.

Dog owners and their pups were invited to The Big Red Barn Farm venue near Centurion on Saturday, 28 October 2017, for the record-breaking attempt.

Not just satisfied with helping our client break a record, we also discussed the importance of giving back to the animal community. All proceeds raised on the day of the event were matched by dotsure.co.za, and donated to the Animal Anti-Cruelty League (AACL), in support of the League’s work protecting and caring for all creatures.

Insights and Execution

The first port of call was to contact Guinness World Records™ and understand the ins and outs of breaking a record. Getting their approval is not an overnight activity. First, you need to apply 12 weeks in advance. Each application is assessed individually by a member of the Records Management Team, and, once approved, they send a set of guidelines that must be followed to the letter.

Once we had the go-ahead to make our attempt, we set about investigating the current record. The existing Australian record sat at 764 dogs, so our goal was to gather 800 dogs on the day. In theory, this sounds straightforward.

Logistically, though, it took a lot of planning to find the right venue, ensure that we could get hundreds of dogs (and their owners) on-site, and stick to all the Guinness World Records™ guidelines.

Our focus then shifted to how to get dog owners to participate – what would entice them to attend, and through which channels could we reach them?

Research showed that pet owners are not solely concerned with the well- being of their own beloved pets but want to help all animals. We decided to collaborate with the AACL and give back to a worthy cause.


The Results

The fact that South Africa, and dotsure.co.za, now hold the record for The World’s Largest Gathering of Dogs Wearing Bandanas was one thing, but our client also enjoyed a 25% increase in leads generated because of the event. We also achieved great PR coverage to the value of R2,498,596.05, with 39 pieces appearing in the media.

Not only had we managed to breakthrough insurance market noise, we did so in an interesting and exciting manner that spoke right to the heart of pet lovers across South Africa – reminding them just how important their beloved furry friends are.