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Green Door Women’s Shelter

#RewriteOurProverbs to #WriteOffGBV

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What The Brand Needed

Green Door Women’s Shelter is a registered non-profit organisation that offers temporary shelter, emotional support, and counsel to survivors of rape and gender-based violence (GBV) in the Diepsloot community. It sees, on average, 30 survivors of GBV per month, and is struggling to cope with the rising number of GBV cases.

The founder of the shelter believes that culture has not groomed men to be a safe haven for women, and our traditional proverbs only add to why men view women the way they do. The shelter was struggling with funding as well as getting men in the townships to change antiquated views of women’s roles.



As we were working pro bono, we had to approach OOH companies for free space for the campaign. We managed to get strong support from SB Outdoor, District Digital, Tractor Outdoor, Primedia Outdoor and Keys Communications.

A total of 13 large-scale digital billboards, 18 taxi rank TV locations and one static billboard were donated. We combined this with a painted mural in the heart of the Diepsloot community.

Accompanying artists impression mural

Artist Leigh le Roux donated his time to creating his own interpretation of the #RewriteOurProverbs artwork. Keys Communications donated paint and other artists to complete the mural.


Influencer and Clockwork staff      t-shirt campaign

The influencer element called upon about 35 male and female influencers to add their voice to the #RewriteOurProverbs to #WriteOffGBV campaign. T-shirts were created with the four proverbs and sampled to the appropriate influencers, who then contributed to the conversation on social media with the hashtags. Clockwork’s staff contributed in the same way – wearing t-shirts and spreading the message as far as possible.

About 65 people contributed to the t-shirt drive. Some of the names that joined in the conversation on social media include DJ Akio Kawahito, Sir Edric, Cyril Zuma, Thandeka Hlongwa, Deborah Darling, Pretty Belle, and Amanda Carpede.


Insights and Execution

We called upon cancel culture to change the parts of our culture that demean women by editing antiquated, problematic proverbs and phrases that South Africans were ‘raised’ on. We wanted Mzansi to see these proverbs and become a part of the conversation that will change the state of GBV in South Africa, while also generating donations for Green Door.

Four traditional South African proverbs were identified and ‘rewritten’ to negate the demeaning messages towards women. These covered five essential South African languages, namely Zulu, Xhosa, Setswana, English and Afrikaans.

It was essential to reach a wide audience from all markets to not only reach women in need of the shelter’s services, but also to attract possible donors.

We rolled out the campaign completely pro bono, with only donations supporting each element. We also worked the campaign from a multi-tiered perspective, which included the following: 

  • OOH elements
  • Public relations
  • Social media, including influencer and Clockwork staff social media support


Social Media

The Green Door Women’s Shelter had a very low social media presence until we created an Instagram account. The platform was populated with content, including repurposed content from the influencer campaign, creating a platform where the public could see what the shelter was doing not just with the campaign, but in general. It produced many financial, sanitary pad and non-perishable food item donations.


Public relations

We used the founder of the shelter, Brown Lekekela, as the spokesperson for the campaign as well as an accompanying press release that explained the concept.

We received media support from various media outlets, including 702, Mix FM, Daily Sun, Biz Community, Ramify, Media Update, Social TV Africa.com, iAfrica, and DMC.


The Results

Total value of free OOH exposure

Keys Communications: R30,000

Primedia Outdoor – Township screens: R200,000

Primedia Outdoor – Taxi rank TV package: R235,000

Tractor Outdoor: R45,000

District Digital: R100,000

SB Outdoor: R100,000

Total: R710,000


Projected reach of social media campaign

Due to many of our influencers not having Instagram Business accounts, the following figures were calculated using the average generated from the figures of five business accounts, multiplied by 60 posts.

These figures are approximate.

Reach: 870,000

Impressions: 900,000