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Youth Progress Index Report

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What The Brand Needed

Each year, IQbusiness hosts an event to release the results of their muchanticipated Youth Progress Index Report. This report highlights youth-related challenges in South Africa to hopefully start bridging the inequality divide. As you can see, it’s quite important that we help send these insights into the world, but there was one problem – lockdown restrictions.

Rather than cancel the event and miss out on the opportunity to draw attention to this work, Clockwork organised an insightful and interactive webinar to replace the usual physical gathering.

Insights and Execution

We set out to increase sign-ups and engagement by rolling out captivating social media posts and mailers that would grab the attention of potential attendees.

Meanwhile, our activations team geared up for the webinar, ensuring it would be a virtual event to be remembered, thanks to an impressive panel of industry experts.


The Results

The event went off without a hitch, securing a participation rate of 40%. Research shows that 78% of webinars have fewer than 50 attendees, putting the YPI webinar in the top quartile for webinar attendance.

Participants stayed on until the very end and also had questions for the speakers – a sign that the discussion was worthwhile for all. Sharing the webinar details after the session for people who missed it motivated the audience to further engage with the content.

The conversations around the report and the campaign’s positive results on social media continue to generate attention.